Thrust Collars
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Thrust Collars

 Superbolt thrust collars consist of unthreaded rings with jackbolts which are used primarily on the bearings on large steel mill rolls. Sizes up to 40" inside dia. have been shipped, capable of creating 4,500,000 lbs of bearing preload. Typical inside diameters range from 5" to 30", but virtually any size can be designed and produced.





The thrust collar is positioned close to the bearing, then a split ring is inserted behind the collar. As the jackbolts are tightened, the collar is thrust against the split ring to preload the bearing.

Due to the massive size of the rolls and associated equipment, thrust collars have proven to be advantageous for worker safety and injury reduction. Previously, the large bearing locknut arrangements were difficult to tighten and to keep tight. Sledge hammers, large pry bars and overhead crane rigging were utilized, with back, hand and muscle injuries very common. Superbolt® thrust collars are usually installed with air power wrenches, followed by a standard torque wrench to verify the final target jackbolt torque.