Chemical enterprise
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A high pressure heat exchanger. The operating temperature reaches 450 degrees Celsius.


In the former situation, the studs would be burned at every disassembly because the nuts were seized. This operation is costly with studs at high temperature. The delay in disassembly time was 2 days.


Using the original studs but equipping them with Superbolt nuts it was possible to reduce the time for assembly and disassembly to a few hours.

32 Superbolt SHT M90x6 nuts were used. The necessary torque is not greater than 130 Nm. A significant difference compared to the 12,000 Nm initially required.


A company that has the assurance that the bolts can be secured and can also be easily removed if necessary. The disassembly time was only 4 hours and the studs were able to be reused.