Tata Steel Converter 23
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Converter 23 is one of 3 converters from TATA Steel.

This tank is used to mix liquid steel with scrap metal and aerate it with oxygen to reduce the carbon content.


The converter is suspended in clamping elements. As one series of these clamps was broken, the converter became unusable. However, the converter was still standing and still had a good refractory coating. The application of a refractory coating is very expensive and time-consuming. With the original method of pretensioning the clamping elements, hydraulic tensioning of the bolts is used. Using this method, the converter must be rotated 180 degrees, making the refractory coating unusable.


To use Superbolt nuts ranging from M42 to M290.


All the Superbolts were delivered in less than 8 days, the assembly took only a few days and the converter did not need to be rotated. The refractory lining was saved and TATA Steel was able to resume its activities in record time.