Ford Genk : Blackmer pump / rain test
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Test to check that the car interior remains dry when it rains. This test is performed in a facility with 3 'streets' equipped with water jets: 2 of them run for 16 hours a day and the 3rd, which serves as a backup, runs for 10 minutes per day.


The existing pump was oversized (75 kW). Ford had to reduce the flow significantly, because with the flow and the pressure it was too difficult to control the level of water from the jets. The other problem was the very high annual maintenance costs for the pump, with additional costs on the pump.


With 2 Blackmer SystemOne® pumps, 3 x 4-8 Frame A/LD17, we were able to provide the flow and pressure required. And this with an efficiency of 75%. That is to say, with 2 x 22.5 kW = 45 kW.


For the old pump with a capacity of 75kWh, operating costs amounted to €24,300 ((16h/day x 225 days/year) x €0.09/kWh) to which were added annual maintenance costs = €3,560 and the additional costs of the pump of €7,600, giving a total of €35,640 => the purchase cost of 2 Blackmer SystemOne® pumps was recouped in purchase/savings made over 1 year and 6 months.