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Standard Range


Standard Range

General Description

SUPERBOLT® Flexnuts of the SX8 Series are able to flex elastically. Under load SUPERBOLT® Flexnuts flex out at the bottom and in at the top. This helps relieve stress concentrations and increases the fatigue life of the bolt. Therefore, SUPERBOLT® Flexnuts are used for applications where boltings are in danger of breaking due to fatigue.

SUPERBOLT® Flexnuts are reactive nuts only. They may not be torqued.

Boltings with short clamping lengths

Available upon request:

inch threads (UN and Whit)
D > M160
other sizes and specials
anti-corrosion protection
special materials

 Technical Data

property class about 8
temperatures:   –10 to +250 °C  
max. bolt stress:   approx. 450 to 700 N/mm2; depending on size
flexible up to about 600 N/mm2  
max. values valid for permanent bolting applications, incl. reaction forces