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for dynamic application

SUPERBOLT® Armored Machinery Tensioners

for dynamic application

General Description

SUPERBOLT® Armored Machinery Tensioners of the MRA series meet the special requirements of high speed rotating machinery. The jackbolts are recessed into the nut body to protect them mechanically from damage and to reduce noise. The jackbolts are captively mounted within the tensioner body and under no circumstances can they become free and cause damage.

Bolted joints on high-speed machinery such as mining equipment, crushers, cutter blocks etc.

Available upon request:

Inch threads (UN and Whit)
Other sizes and specials
Anti-corrosion protection
Special materials
Material certificates 

 Technical data

Material alloyed steel
Temperatures –10 to +250 °C
Jackbolts lubricatied with JL-AS
max. values valid for permanent bolting applications, incl. reaction forces