Standard Range

SUPERBOLT® Socketbolts

Standard Range

General Description

SUPERBOLT® Socketbolts of the SSJ series provide multi jackbolt features in the same counterbore as large standard socket head cap screws. They can replace cap screws which are difficult to tighten. Inspite of limited pre-load capacity they offer a high safety against loss of pre-tension due to their multi jackbolt design.

Gear boxes, BOF applications, mining equipment, pinion stands, clamp type flange connections, wind tunnels, machine tools, presses, etc.

Available upon request:

inch threads (UN and Whit)
other sizes and specials
anti-corrosion protection
special materials


Technical data

property class ≤ M60: class 8.8
> M60: 42CrMo4
temperatures –10 to +250 °C  
max. bolt stress approx. 450 to 600 N/mm2
internal hexagon on head
jackbolts lubricated with JL-M
max. values valid for permanent bolting applications, incl. reaction forces