Split seal 442 on a vertical pump


Vertical pump Ensival type MHV8R for cooling water. Assembly of a mechanial seal Chesterton split type 442 instead of packing.


This pump was equipped with usual packing which after a while let a quite important quantity of water leak. This water contaminated the bearings and the packing worn the shaft sleeve out.


During the revision of the pump, the packing has been replaced by a split mechanical seal Chesterton type 442 diam. 80 mm. The big advantage of this split seal is that it may be disassembled an re-assembled without having to take out the pump and having to unsettle it. This can be realised on site within an hour.


A pump that doesn't leak anymore and has a much longer lifetime. No more corrosion of the pump and the adjacent equipments. A cleaner environment.