Extra Heavy Range

SUPERBOLT® Jamnut Tensioners

Extra Heavy Range

General Description

SUPERBOLT® Jamnut Tensioners of the SJX series are used for applications where in spite of room restrictions a high pre-load is required. They replace normal quality 8 hex nuts and do not require more space than same.

Due to the multi jackbolt system they are much easier to tighten and much safer against loss of pre-tension.

Hydraulic cylinders, shaft mounts, piston connections, foundations, etc.

Available upon request:

inch threads (UN and Whit)
D > M160
other sizes and specials
anti-corrosion protection
special materials
captive mounted jackbolts 


 Technical data

material alloy steel
temperatures –10 to +250 °C  
jackbolts lubricated with JL-M
max. values valid for permanent bolting applications, incl. reaction forces