Standard Range

SUPERBOLT® Bearing Locknuts

Standard Range

General Description

SUPERBOLT® Bearing Locknuts of the NM Series are directly interchangeable with standard locknuts DIN 981 and KM-series locknuts of the bearing manufacturers. They are ideal for jacking bearings into place. They can also clamp whole shaft assemblies.

Other than ordinary locknuts, SUPERBOLT® Bearing Locknuts provide a true pre–load, reducing the risk of failure. They are designed to match the bearing loads of the respective bearing sizes.

Common bearings, etc.

Available upon request:

inch threads (UN and Whit)
sizes: NM-34 to NM-980
other sizes and specials
anti-corrosion protection
special materials
captive mounted jackbolts



Technical data

material alloy steel
temperatures –10 to +250 °C  
jackbolts lubricated with JL-M
max. values valid for permanent bolting applications, incl. reaction forces